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Among the things that got quickly cancelled when isolation began in March, were the runs and rides with the big crowds and finish lines. We know this first-hand because our much-loved and anticipated Team Lifeline, Bike4Chai and Tour de Simcha have been postponed too. 
Enter Chai Together. Our call-to-action. Our call-to-move. Our call to do it anyway and to do it your way.
Chai Together encourages you to imagine a personal challenge and crush it over the summer with support from your family, friends and us. Together. 

Chai Together is about you maintaining or leveling up your own physical wellness.
Are you a 10K a day stepper? Keep it up or make it 15.
Are you a family that goes out for a bike ride once a week around the neighborhood? Make it 5 times a week.
Are you a sit down and relax after dinner person? Go for a 30-minute walk. 

Chai Together has taken all of this and put together a platform to do all of this. Sign up, declare your goal and get at it. There are no minimums - not for distance and not for fundraising.
The only minimum is the commitment you make for yourself, to yourself. 


Do It Your Way

Run, walk, swim, bike…move. 
Though we are physically apart, we can unite by moving, and going the distance to make a difference for Chai. Together. 

Open for everyone – age, fitness, location, goals – to participate and cross the finish line.

Participants will receive a numbered Chai Lifeline Canada bib (hello Insta) and we’ll share tips and cheer you on along the way to the virtual finish line.   Mark your calendars, we’re celebrating Chai Together on September 7th with a virtual victory party on Labour Day.


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