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Hadassah Hoffer

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Hadassah Hoffer

Thanks for visiting my Chai Together - Fitness Fundraiser. It is a little different this year as our team is actually not running together physically but virtually. With our goal being the same - Raising money for our Chai Lifeline Canada's children and their families. It has been difficult being quarantined for a few weeks, imagine having to be in quarantine ALL THE TIME! Chai Lifeline Canada's services aid seriously ill children and their families with the love and support they need.
Please consider sponsoring my summer fitness journey to raise money for this AMAZING organization.
Any amount would be appreciated by Me, Chai Lifeline Canada and most importantly the Children & their Families. Thanks so much.


Training everyday


Your Donation supports Camp Lifeline Summer Camp

Chai Siblings - One of the programs your donation will help support

One of the many Little Chai Warriors, and their amazing volunteers


Training Schedule


And our Chai Warriors


raised of $500 goal

Recent Donations

1. NDNancy Devine
2. SRSuzanne Rotter
Thank you Hadassah. We need every dollar we can get to support this incredible organization
3. AHAndrea Hytman
4. ?Anonymous
Way to go!
5. ZGZack Garelick
6. FSFrumie Silver
Way to go, Hadas!