Chaiyanu Israel Support Campaign

Chai Lifeline is a global organization and our sister chapter in Israel, Chaiyanu, is urgently raising funds to support their clients, families, and children whose lives have been impacted and treatment interrupted due to the ongoing crisis.

What Chaiyanu is doing:

* helping Chaiyanu families relocate from the south of Israel to hospitals in safer areas
     so they can continue receiving care and treatment
* supporting families who have had one parent enlisted to serve
* coordinating efforts to deliver care packages to hospitals
* providing volunteers and setting up daycares in hospitals to care for the children
     of hospital staff who are working around the clock

We hope you will join us in solidarity with our Israeli Chai Lifeline families by giving generously to this cause. Donations received over the next 2 weeks will directly support Chaiyanu in meeting the critical needs of their clients.

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