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Daniel Warner

Dear Friends and Family,

On Sunday October 15th, I will be taking a leap of faith - literally.

I will stand on the rooftop of Hotel X overlooking downtown Toronto, heart pounding as I step "Over the Edge," rappelling 30 stories down - nearly 400 feet.

Repeating to myself "don't look down."

This is all part of a thrilling fundraising event organized by Chai Lifeline Canada — and I need your help to make a real impact.

I can hear my Bubby say to me “Daniel, you’re meshuga. Why would you do this?”

It's true. I don't like heights. At all.

I get uneasy standing on a high balcony - let alone hanging off the side of a hotel. But it's important to do things out of your comfort zone, especially when it comes to helping others.

Every day, families are plunged into unspeakable difficulty when a child is born or diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Parents find themselves torn between the hospital and home, struggling to maintain a semblance of normalcy for their other children, who are often gripped by fear, sadness and uncertainty. 

This is where the incredible team at Chai Lifeline Canada steps in, providing a beacon of hope during the darkest times, offering the support needed to keep families united and strong, and sprinkling light, laughter, and love into lives overshadowed by illness.

But they can't do it without us.

As someone who deeply believes in the transformative work of Chai Lifeline Canada, I am both honoured and excited to help raise awareness and funds for their critical mission as a committee member and participant.

Here’s how we need your support:

1. Please donate: your generous contribution will help me reach my fundraising goal, bringing vital assistance to families in crisis.
2. Join us! Attend live the morning of Oct 15th  at Hotel X. There’s entertainment, food and games for the whole family.
3. Help spread the word: Share this message with friends and family in the community, encouraging them to participate or donate to Chai Lifeline.

Together, we can stand as pillars of support for the brave, little ChaiLifeline Warriors and their families, helping them find strength and joy amidst their incredible adversity.

Thank you for joining me to support in this important cause for our community.

With sincere thanks,



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