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Welcome to Randi Cola's Page

Randi Cola

Randi Cola

In a community as vibrant as ours, I am confident of your awareness of the merits of Chai Lifeline. Perhaps they have affected you in one way or another; through personal experience, donations, volunteering or in some individual capacity.
The Spin for Chai is more than just a Spin-a-thon. It is about a group of people joining together to support and inspire families and restore happiness into their lives; something we can all be sensitive to and appreciate the importance of. It is a huge task and responsibility; however, thanks to people like you, it is achievable!
I hope I can count on your support on a mission to raise funds for these children and families; a commitment that is very precious.


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חזק וברוך
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Happy to support such a great cause! Ross
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Randi, way to work up a sweat for a good cause!