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Sarah Bitton

Welcome to Sarah Bitton's Page Run4Saba

Sarah Bitton

I Will be running the Chai Llifeline marathon this year,in honour of my grandfather Samy Bitton {Haim Shlomo Ben Marcel} who always supported and helped me Run after my dreams💕! Saba always helps organizations and gives so much to everyone-lets give back to the man that always gives and never asked for anything in return! I will also be Running for my amazing chai lifeline little sister EMMA 💕who is such an inspiration to me and everyone that know she her! Please help me support Chai Lifeline by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar I raise will advance Chai Lifeline Canada's great cause!
Together, we can make a difference! 💪🏼


Thank You! Bh we reached over 2K in less then a week! thank you everyone I rly appreciate it! lets keep it up #Run4Saba!


Wow! $1,230 Day 2 of posting my page Thank you guys for your generous donations and time! every donation brings me a step closer to my goal :)


raised of $5,500 goal

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1. ElEliana And Benjamin Lallouz
2. YCYlana Corcos
3. ?Anonymous
Mazal Tov Sarah ! Very proud of you !!
4. ?Anonymous
5. LLeah and Jeremie Lasry
Go Sarah !!!!
6. MPMurielle Perez
BH une grande Refuah pour Haim Shlomo Ben Marcelle