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Hadassah Hoffer

Welcome to Hadassah Hoffer's Page

Hadassah Hoffer

Thanks for visiting my Tough-Mudder, 5K - 13 obstacle course MUD RUN page. (wow that was a long sentence)

I have wanted to do this thing for awhile, but couldn't see myself doing it by myself. So along comes Chai Lifeline Canada and organizes a Team!!
So now I am going to do this with my friends, have fun and raise money for the most amazing little Warriors. Not sure what Chai Lifeline Canada does? Click any link on their web page and see for yourself. Please consider sponsoring me or any of my team mates. (but mostly me 😁)
Any amount would be appreciated by Me, Chai Lifeline Canada and most importantly the Children & their Families. Thanks so much Hadassah


Our family was blessed with 4 children (I know only 3 are pictured here, it's amazing I could keep track) Please help me raise money for Chai Lifeline Canada, who give support and guidance to families blessed with beautiful children


Training Schedule.... WHOP WHOP!!!


raised of $600 goal

Recent Donations

1. SRSuzanne Rotter
Thank you for helping the kids! I know you are a tough mudder and will succeed
2. AwAviva Wise
3. AwAviva Wise
4. MPMaurice And Robyn Pamensky
Go Hadassah!
5. RPRobin Pamensky
6. AAba, Elkah, Ezra, Eitan & Aaron
Don't hurt yourself Emak! Love you :)

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