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Zachary Amaral

My The Donald Berman Chai Lifeline of Canada Fundraising Page

Zachary Amaral

Hello everyone, Welcome to the direct donation page for my fundraiser. I am cutting my hair off and donating it to chai lifeline Canada to make a difference in someones life. With my hair donation, i'll be able give the gift of beauty, confidence, self-love and hope to someone experiencing hair loss due to illness. When a person goes through cancer treatment, the effects of that treatment can cause hair to fall out. There are few things more debilitating than appearing different from those around them, to have something beyond their control affect them so immensely. They want to feel beautiful just like you! My hair will contribute toward a human hair wig – the most natural kind – and help restore their confidence and hope." I want to thank you for making it this far by clicking on the link through my personal social media accounts or by receiving through a family/friend. Together we can make a difference in someones life. If you cant afford to donate, don't worry. I do challenge you along with my self to always give an extra set of hands. Make someones life easier in anyway you can. Do this by giving random act of kindness or just give someone or an organization your time. The reason i'm doing this is fundraising and cutting my hair off for a good cause has always peeked my interest as a kid. Going through Covid, I figured why not do it now in my life. Make a change by growing my hair out. Bringing my friends and family members to make a change. I figure if most of my followers just donate a couple bucks towards the cause i would hit my goal of $1000.00 Again thank you everyone for stoping by. to quote of the most original lines l know - Be the change you wish to see in the world..


raised of $1,000 goal

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